*LEMON* Bayverse Barricade x reader *LEMON* TFP Megatron x OC. See more ideas about creepypasta, creepypasta characters, jeff the killer. Confessions - Kankri x Reader (Lemon) by twistingdragon published on 2014-12-02T07:10:27Z. Mtmte!Swerve x Female!reader 5. [BKEYWORD] Yandere x reader lemon. Hawks x reader lemon mating season.. Bayverse bumblebee x reader lemon; Wattpad club ahh 2020; TFP! Optimus x Human! Maid! Reader. Tfp high x reader – chapter 3 july 2019 read chapter 3 from the story tfp high x reader by nitro_racer (nitro racer) with 1,673 reads. ‘Stupid humans and their stupid long outings. TFP!Optimus Prime x Decepticon!Femme!Reader 4.. Megamo parte 2 aviso Amao x reader lemon Aso x reader Get notified when yandere simulator male rivals x reader oneshots is updated. 2-apr-2018 - Questo Pin è stato scoperto da ╺ 秋 ° LiLiay. See more ideas about yandere simulator, yandere, yandere anime. knowing she is a monster and what she does he still falls in love with her.. . Jan 16, 2018 - Read TFP Bumblebee x reader from the story {TRANSFORMERS X READER ONESHOTS} by FloatingSpaceTrash (Galactic Garbage) with 6,933 reads I will be making many versions of this thrilling series, but only after ive completed this one With them suddenly on the rise out of no where the Autobots have to move quickly with their three .... TFP Ratchet x Reader (Fluff), a transformers/beast wars fanfic | FanFiction So two people requested a TFP Ratchet x Reader story so I decided to put the to story's together, I hope you enjoy it. Thank you ryekerb and Leonarda Hamato for requesting a story, I hope you like it. Enjoy. Optimus POV Miko:" Ohh Jack you got a girlfriend.". Jan 16, 2018 - Read TFP Bumblebee x reader from the story {TRANSFORMERS X READER ONESHOTS} by FloatingSpaceTrash (Galactic Garbage) with 6,933 reads I will be making many versions of this thrilling series, but only after ive completed this one With them suddenly on the rise out of no where the Autobots have to move quickly with their three human allies: Jack, Raf,. tfp x reader shockwave x reader tfp shockwave x reader decepticon x reader predacon reader cybertronian reader tfp Transformers Prime 28 notes Nov 3rd, 2020 Open in app Originally posted by up-ta-no-good Pairing ; ... TFP Megatron x Reader (Lemon) by xXFracturedwaterXx. Worth It (Ratchet x Reader) “____ I NEEDED THAT!”. The smaller Autobot froze as Ratchet’s voice echoed through the base, along with a crunch as she stepped on a piece of machinery. She cast a sheepish glance back at the medic, “S-Sorry Doc”. He gritted his teeth, at the absurd nickname, “Don’t call me Doc!”.. Transformers Prime X Reader Oneshots/Lemons [REQUESTS CLOSED] I do not own Transformers: Prime or it's characters, i just write fanfic. My favorite characters to write with are Megatron, Knockout, and Ultra Magnus, but I plan to make stories with all characters. Starscream X Reader. Ever since you were kidnapped by Steve, a decpticon who has a weird human name, you are forced to be starscreams pet. Which meant you had to amuse and humor him. Today you finally figured out you had enough of this torment so you went to visit megatrons throne to tell him how awful starscreams been to you.. TFP High x Reader - Chapter 7 | Transformers, Transformers ... The reader's a Femme who's a tomboy. We've reviewed the latest research and papers as of 2021. Can be romantic, friendly, traumatic, etc. Part 5 of Fandom X. . Ochako x Male Reader Lemon. Y/N/you are a villain in this story and your quirk is corruption which allows you to corrupt and transform people by either touch or releasing a gas from a hole in your hands which contains a gland which creates the gas, mainly females, into monsters to serve you. Finally, your quirk doesn't affect you and you can. yandere skullgirls x male reader. yandere skullgirls x male reader. adidas advantage shoes black. helicopter deerhunter story; boiling springs high school shooting; yandere skullgirls x male reader. major johnson finley biography. 65 bus timetable atherstone to nuneaton; gmebe bandz dead body. "/> Tfp x reader lemon
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